Guide on Clash Royale Troops

Clash Royale game is developed by the Supercell who has developed Clash of Clan. It is quite similar to Clash of Clan in terms of characters, gold, games, troops, chest and many more. Here in this game, there are 3 Towers and one should destroy the middle one in order to win the game. But there is a little twist and they are:

There will be a time of 3 minutes within which the players have to defeat their opponent and if they fail they will be given an extension of 1 minute.

Here the players won’t be able to directly attack the middle tower but in fact, they will attack anything that is coming in their way and hence the troop needs to be very much quick in order to destroy the middle tower.

Troops used in Clash Royale

Knight: This is melee troop that mainly focuses on single target damage. It typically targets the ground and it acts like a mini tank. It can provide fare defense against the small troop because of it’s high to moderate hit points.

Bomber: Bomber can cause high damage with its mediumrange splashing troop. It is a ground troop and is not heavily armored. Because of its dissent swarms, it can easily deal with great damage

Archers: It is capable of causing low damage with it medium range single targeting troops. It can target in both air and ground and is lightly armored. It will only cost you three elixirs for buying these inexpensive supporting troops and they are great for quick defencing.

Spear Goblins: They are very much faster with low damage causing ability with its single targeting ranged troops. They are Unarmored and has the capability of targeting in both air and ground. It will only take two elixirs to buy this troop.

Goblins: Goblins are very fast and has moderate damage causing ability with its single targeting melee troops. It can act as a great defense against the glass cannons. It can work wonder against the tank, Mini tank or Mini P.E.K.K.A. They can be bought with two elixirs.

You can get gold and gems by using Clash Royale Cheats

One should spend the gold and gems properly in this game as it helps to upgrade. With every passing level everything needs to get upgraded and for that, one must spend the gold.

Earning gold is easy but earning gems can be quite difficult. So, one should be very much wise when it comes to spending them.

These are some mini information related to this game but once you start playing this game you will explore more features of it.


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