Here is a beginner’s guide to the Bullet Force game

One fine evening when you were sitting with your friends you hear them discuss over a new action-packed game called the Bullet Fore. Since you have zero knowledge about the game, you feel left out and wish to play the game so that you too can join the game. After installing it, you do not know what to do and end up dead in the game over and over again.

Just so that beginner like you and various others who are new to the Bullet Force game, do not get frustrated and leave, we have an option for you. If you learn the tricks of the trade, you would not need any Bullet Force hack tool to win. All a beginner needs are good guidance through the entire game that will help them navigate themselves and score as much as possible.

To make things easier for you, here is a beginner guide to the game. Read along the tips and tricks to play the game like a professional.

Firstly, set your ‘Killstreaks’ to UAV and Advanced UAV n the customization section available in the main menu. It is extremely useful and requires the least amount of killing to be used.

If you are a beginner, we would suggest you begin with team matches like the Team Deathmatch. This way, you will know how the game works in the playing and you shall learn about the ways to go forward by seeing the other players since this mode is about team efforts.

The moment you gain 15,000 silver, do not hesitate and straightaway buys a Famas. The game is about killing to score, meaning you will need good weapons. The Famas is the best assault rifle for a beginner. Famas has the fastest rounds per-minute speed. It has a definite kill shot.

The next thing you should splurge on by gaining an additional 15,000 silver is to buy a Coyote sight. It is the best sight for the game that works wonders for non-sniper weapons.

During the first few rounds of the game, after purchasing the basics mentioned, try gaining 30,000 silver and buy the MP412 Rex. This amazing assault rifle kills enemies in two hits and is a good steal if you ask.

After you have the necessary weapons as mentioned above, go for the Green Laser Sight. It costs 15,000 silver so you will need to gain it as soon as possible to acquire the Green Laser sight for better aiming. Even though this feature will help others spot you, it works the best when it comes to aiming and killing accurately.

The last thing a beginner must do is to buy a mini RDS for the Rex. The mini RDS is good for sighting and works wonders just like the Coyote sight. It helps aim and locate players and things with accuracy. These were the best tips we could provide you with. We would suggest you keep them in mind and go ahead with the game. Soon, you will realize you are no longer a beginner and have taken very well to the game.

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