Microsoft Enters the Cell Phone Industry

On October 11th the Microsoft chief executive producer Steve Ballmer presented a new generation of smart phones which showed a radical change of Microsoft’s down-and-out strategy for the mobile market.
The operating system of the phones will be called Windows Phone 7 (how surprising), with a hardcore use of touch-screen technology. Instead of displaying a lot of application buttons, like in other phones, the Microsoft smart phones will have an oversized display of the home screen (at least three times bigger in width than an average touch-screen phone). The users will be able to scroll through the panoramic display quite smoothly.

The professor who is responsible for the development of the Windows Phone 7 says that the home screen will be quite different from the Windows desktop with an objective to create a home screen where users could scroll more through automatically updated pages, than click different icons. This would make both offline and online mobile browsing practical.

The new mobile windows will have an app stores, where user will be able to buy games and other useful widgets, for instance, Netflix, an app that would allow users to rent and watch movies. For watching moves, Microsoft has its own technology – Silverlight, in addition to that, the company says that in the future it will support Adobe Flash, which iPhone does not tolerate. This will give Microsoft quite an advantage over other cell phone companies in the mobile market. Users using mobile phones with implemented Adobe Flash will be able to play games, watch flash videos, movies online – an unseen feature in mobile phones.

The new smartphones that the Microsoft corporation is developing seem very promising. But will they be able to stump such giants in the mobile market as Apple, Nokia or Google?

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