Steps for playing this game

Free fire Battleground is an online game where you will have to keep killing the competitor for your survival. It is quite similar to the other video games, but here you will have to strategize well. You can play this fascinating game on your Android or iOS devices as well as your PC. In this game, you will be using different types of equipment, weapons as well as a vehicle which is the fascinating part. You can easily download them from the store and start playing it. In the beginning, it will be hard for any player, but you can easily grasp the game.

You should also look into the tutorials for getting a more transparent idea about the characters that you should choose and the weapons’ feature. Make the right choice from the beginning otherwise; you won’t be able to proceed more in this game.

Step by step guide to playing this game

At first, you will be selecting the character so make sure you are picking the one that will meet your preference. Each of the characters will have its unique feature starting from aim, power, skills as well as looks. During the start, you will get a basic character.

Now you will reach the gameplay, and you will be on the parachute. You will get the opportunity of selecting your fate by picking the position from where you can start. You can also start from a place where you can find a huge amount of loot. Always select isolate place and try to land in an area outside the town. As other 29 competitors will land before you so there will be hardly any player in that area. If any of the players are landing after you, then you also get a chance of shooting them while they are in the parachute. Kill them before they start shooting you.

Now when you land on the island, you will have to either hide or run away from the enemies. During this time you will have to pick all the gears, equipment or weapons which are present. To stay away from Enemies, you will also get the opportunity of using the minimap that will not only show you the places of danger but will also help you to find the safe place. If you want cool skins, weapons, etc, you will first have to find a hack tool for free fire battlegrounds.

Once you get ready, you can start fighting the enemies. You will have to kill your enemies and gain some loot. Now you will have to keep upgrading your weapons and make them even stronger. You will also get the opportunity of upgrading your character and unlock new features.


As the island will keep shrinking so you will have to fight quickly. You can select from a wide variety of weapons so select the one in which you can comfortably perform the moves.

So you will have to play the game properly and with the perfect strategy to survive more. You can also use Free Fire Battleground Cheats for getting more resources. Resources are the only thing which can help you to upgrade your character and weapon. But do not spend these resources unnecessarily on the items which are of no use. There are many websites which are available for getting free resources. Do not provide any personal information while using these websites or generating tools. All you have to do is select a website which is trusted by reading the reviews and fill up the information and click on the generate button. But do not depend entirely on the cheats and try to play with proper strategy.

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